Diabetes can not reverse from any medicine only except ayurveda and our vermicelli  and maintain diet chart. This will be possible from our tasty vermicelli (food) 100% sure if  you would also use Complimentary to eat 2 or 3 food in any time a day out of below list.

How to use

  • Boil no 1 packet in 1st day with some water and mix masala into vermicelli. 
  • After 5 minutes your vermicelli will ready to eat next day same as 2nd pouch to be use. 
  • You can eat also with this method take 1 no packet and put it into a kadai or pen without water and take a little oil or pure ghee into it and you should run it from a big spoon when it will see brown than mix masala into it , after 2-3 minutes your vermicelli will ready to eat.
  • You should make  One packet daily Serially and eat it morning or afternoon as you like but not to be eat at night you can also eat half packet morning and half packet afternoon if you like.
  • One packet (evening drink) you should mix into with half glass water and drink it slowly slowly every day out of 7 packet in a week only at evening.
  • Do not eat white sugar or white sugar sweets.
  • If you eat white sugar or white sugar sweets or maida products or packet food made with chemical preservative than your sugar may increase so please please remove these slow poison from your life.
  • You may use stevia or dry dates powder instead of white sugar. 
  • You may use besan products or oats products in place of maida products if you want reverse your sugar in your life.
  • If you want to eat sweets or mitai than you should ready it in home with stevia and dry dates powder. 
  • Sugar free (any company) also harmful for your reverse journey so only to be use stevia powder mix with dry dates powder very little quantity only use that item which you need complimentary like tea or coffee or milk I will advise, you should drink lemon tea in place milk tea if posable other wise a little quantity of stevia powder into it. 
  • Dry dates more quantity may increase your sugar for the time being but it is not harmful for your pancreas or revere journey.