Ajay Sarawagi from Guwahati (Assam) was doing a lot of research on diabetes from the past 5 years.
He also had diabetes (180-220) in 2005 and took about 15-20 tablets including BP, Gas, Cholesterol, Insomnia etc on a regular basis in 2005 till 2019.
He researched on ayurveda and started herbs in 2018, his diabetes Reversed in 2019 step by step.

In 2019 he left all medicine from his life and in between 2019-2022 his sugar came down to 140-150 but he was not able to bring below 140 from ayurveda so he did a lot of Research on diabetes and eventually on 1st March 2022 he came across a micro nutrients which he put it into food and he saw an amazing result , the sugar level came below 120, again he tried next day and tested his fasting sugar which came down to 110.

He was amazed by his research and tested the same to another diabetic 2-3 patients and one of it's diabetes came down to 130 from 380 within only 15 days and the another one's came down till 126 from 250 within 15 days.

This was such an unbelievable result as any medicine like ayurveda, homeopathic and others cannot do it till now.

He started his production so that he can reverse diabetes of many another patients and they can also live a non-chemical, healthy life.