Diabetes person can include these healthy diet for healthy life style 

Karela Phool gobhi Muli Tomato Gajar
Dhaniya chatani Broccoli  Patta gobhi Lahsun chani Pyaj chatani
Podina chatani Kachari chatani Torai Spring onion All hara patta
Onion Simala mirch Palakh    

Morning salad minimum 500 gram (mix) as you like from all

Gajar  Tomato Carrot  Muli Beat

Best Fruit for diabetes friendly eat any time before 5 pm

Amarud  Jamun Blue berry Cherry  Naspati
Grapefruit Orange Mosami Papaya Apple 
Raspberry Grapes Avocado Sweet potato Tarbooj (50-100 gram)
Pomegranate 1/2 pc Kiwi (2-3 pcs) Straw berry (3-4 pcs) Rose apple or water apple  

Dry fruits

Soaked overnight almond/badam (5-8 pcs) Soaked overnight akhrot (1-2 pcs) Soaked overnight Kismis and also water (5-6 pcs) Soaked overnight anjeer (1-2 pcs)
Kaju (3-4 pcs) Dry dates (2-3 pcs) Pumpkin seeds (15-20 gram) Mungfali seeds (20-30 gram)
Tarbooj seeds (15-20 gram) Sunflower seeds  (15-20 gram) Chia seeds  (5-10 gram) Roasted flex seeds  (10-15 gram)
Makhana (fox nut)  (20-30 gram) Dry dates (1-2 pcs) Kharbooja seeds (15-20 gram)


Pink salt Black salt

Grain / rice 

Besan Whole grain mix with besan Bajara Brown rice Black rice

Sprout grain

Chana Mung Moth Black beans

1. skimmed milk or 0 fat milk

2. Tea/green 1-2 cup if drink without sugar or with lemon than very good


Green tea Cheej Soya paneer Tofu Paneer 
Protein powder Khichari  Butter  Deshi ghee  

Sugar free
1. Stevia powder
2. Dry dates powder (5-10 grm in a day)

Packed food in small quantity 

Brown bread Oats biscuits  Corn flake Besan Bhujiya Mung bhujiya
Moth bhujiya Chana Daal mixture Mung daal mixture    

Diet to Avoid (never eat)


Chikku (never) Banana (except 1-2 pcs) Litchi (except 4-5 pcs) Mango (only small qty) Nariyal paani never

1. Maida 
2. White rice (except small quantity)
3. Wheat flour (excel small quantity)

Packet food

Maggi  Packed juice Biscuits  Cold drink White bread
Cake Pastry Sweets Chokalet Toffee
Icecream  Maida bhujiya      


Refined sugar Jaggery  Honey

to eat 2 or 3 food out of below list with our vermicelli For diabetic person

Cow Milk 250 ML Cow curd 200 ML to 250 ML Butter Milk (chaach 250 ML) Paneer 100 g to 150 g Tofu 100 g to 150 g
Cheej 50 g Egg 2-3 pcs Fish all type but small quantity